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Drone Captures Footage Of Armed Drug Cartel Near Southern Border

Lieutenant Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety reported that on Thursday, drones had captured footage of cartel members heavily armed near the Rio Grande.

He emphasized that this was a deliberate tactic used by cartels to intimidate law enforcement. “We will stay vigilant and proactively prevent criminal activity at the Texas-Mexico border,” he declared.

The Biden Regime’s neglect of the southern border has given Mexican Cartels more confidence to intimidate law enforcement and disregard U.S. laws with impunity.

This lack of enforcement has forced Texas DPS to fill in the gap in order to protect their border towns from the criminal activity of these cartels.

The Gateway Pundit has been covering this issue since the Biden Administration came into office in January 2021, as illegal aliens continue to pour into our country without consequence.

On Wednesday, two Venezuelans who had entered illegally assaulted a National Guard Soldier at El Pasoโ€™s Gate 36, where numerous illegal crossings occur on a daily basis.

Karla Dividay Matar Jaimes, 38, and Yoel Jesus Guerra Urdaneta, 33 were both arrested by Texas DPS and charged with assault for their actions against the soldier.

This incident serves as yet another example of how lax enforcement at our borders creates an environment that emboldens illegals and encourages them to act out violently when challenged or denied entry into our country.

It is clear that those looking to enter America unlawfully are receiving one message: they will be allowed entry if they make it across the border without consequence.

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