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Reuters Cameraman Killed and Others Injured in Israeli Strike in Southern Lebanon (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Warning: This article contains graphic content that may be distressing to some readers.

Reuters reported that they are deeply saddened to announce that their videographer, Issam Abdullah, was tragically killed on Friday while covering events in southern Lebanon.

The news agency is working with local authorities and supporting Issam’s family and colleagues at this difficult time.

Additionally, two other journalists from Reuters were injured and are currently seeking medical attention.

On Friday morning, the live stream was abruptly disconnected when it appeared that the journalists capturing the footage had been struck by rocket fire.

Distressing footage captured one journalist repeatedly exclaiming, “What’s happened? I can’t feel my legs.”


Additional footage reveals journalists severely injured after being hit by Israeli shelling.

Al Jazeera news outlet reported that two of their journalists, Carmen Joukhadar and Elie Brakhya, were injured during an attack in the border area on Friday.

According to Al Jazeera correspondent Ali Hashem, a convoy of reporters had been in the area at the time of the incident and both Reuters and Al Jazeera crews were struck by a tank shell.

Hashem described the situation as “horrible” and disclosed that it was likely targeted by Israeli forces.

In a post following this event, Hashem stated: “The Israeli army targeted a group of journalists including AlJazeera’s crew, a colleague from another agency was killed and two of our colleagues at Aljazeera were injured, along with several others.”

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