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Israel Defense Forces Rescue 48 Hostages from Kibbutz Dining Hall

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) rescued 48 hostages from the dining hall of Kibbutz Be’eri on Saturday, in response to a Palestinian terror attack that occurred on Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the annual High Holy Day cycle.

According to Breitbart News, this attack resulted in a minimum of 250 deaths and 1,500 injuries.

Earlier on Saturday, approximately two dozen individuals were taken hostage at the Horus Kibbutz dining hall.

In response to this incident, the Israeli Defense Forces entered into a firefight with Palestinian terrorists who had infiltrated the area in Southern Israel.

The terrorists who had been holding the hostages were reportedly neutralized in the gunfight, resulting in the rescue of at least 48 people.

Despite the good news, there is still much to be concerned about, as kidnappings and killings are still occurring and many people are still in harms way as war looms and looks as though this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken informed Meet the Press host Kristen Welker that there have been reports of multiple American citizens being killed and abducted by medieval terrorists.

He further stated that the administration is actively making efforts to validate these accusations.


Additionally, Israel released photos of dozens of young beautiful women who went missing following Saturday’s historic Hamas attack on Israel.

Hamas reportedly launched over 5,000 missiles into southern and central Israel. Over 250 Israelis are dead, and over 1,000 were hospitalized following the massive assault inside Israel.

Hundreds of Israelis were attending a nature party, also described as a peace party, in the desert near the border on Saturday when Hamas launched its attack.

Chaos erupted after Hamas reportedly opened fire on the gathering. Hundreds of Israelis ran into the desert to hide.

Several of the women who attended the party are still missing and may have been brought back to Gaza.

40 young women are pictured as missing.

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Pray for Israel.

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