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Joe Biden Wanders Beach, Ignores Questions About American Hostages In Gaza

As tensions rise around the world, Joe Biden is spending the weekend at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This comes as Israel has threatened to take military action against Iran and Lebanon if Hezbollah joins the conflict.

In response, China has dispatched warships to the Middle East, while the Pentagon has issued more deployment orders.

Furthermore, Biden’s rhetoric regarding Vladimir Putin resulted in an uproar from Moscow.

While he remains at his luxurious Rehoboth Beach property—which was purchased in cash following a “shakedown” message from Hunter Biden to a Chinese associate—Joe Biden was spotted leaving church on Sunday.

When asked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and hostages held by Hamas, Biden stated that he was communicating with Israeli officials. However, when another reporter inquired about potential hostage releases, Biden ignored them and entered into his presidential motorcade.


On Sunday evening, Joe and Dr. Jill were reportedly seen walking along the shoreline near their residence in Rehoboth Beach.

Despite being questioned by journalists about U.S. citizens held captive by Hamas, Biden disregarded them and continued on his way.


Joe Biden, a life-long career politician who has been in government for over 50 years, has been criticized for not appearing to be concerned about the American people’s wellbeing.

During a weekend in August, when Maui was burning, he was photographed lounging at the beach.

When asked by a Bloomberg reporter about the rising death toll from the fires, Biden simply stated “No comment” and went on his way.

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