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Journalist Mocked Conservatives Who Warned About Violence Is Killed By Home Intruder

Early Monday morning, the Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger was fatally shot in his home located on the 2300 block of Watkins Street.

According to reports, he had received a mysterious threat prior to the shooting.

The 39-year-old perished shortly after 2 a.m. upon receiving multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen.

Kruger was fatally attacked two weeks following a threat issued by an individual known as “Lady Diabla, the She-Devil of the Streets.”

“In August, someone threw a rock through his home window, he said. Then, about two weeks ago, he wrote on Facebook that someone came to his house searching for their boyfriend — “a man I’ve never met once in my entire life.”

The person called themselves “Lady Diabla, the She-Devil of the Streets” and threatened him, he wrote.” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The suspect(s) remain at large and there is no evidence of forced entry.

The motive behind the murder remains unknown. Kruger wrote for both The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Citizen.

Prior to his untimely death, reports indicate that Kruger was a strong advocate for LGBTQ causes, homeless individuals, and those suffering from substance abuse.

Additionally, just hours prior to the incident, he had publicly expressed criticism of conservative Scott Adams’ stance on the rising levels of violence in urban areas of the United States.


Via Josh Kruger:

Kruger was tragically killed in his Philadelphia residence only a few hours after publicly ridiculing citizens concerned about violence.

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