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Obama Sides with Palestinians over Israelis According To New York Post Op Ed

Former President Barack Obama recently made a statement regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, more than two weeks after it began. However, this only caused questions to arise as to whether or not he was truly on “Israel’s side,” according to New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin.

While Obama acknowledged the “horrific acts” committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians which resulted in over 1,400 deaths, thousands of injuries, and 200 hostages taken; he also cautioned Israel against taking any decisive action in order to address the existential threat they are facing from the Iranian-backed Islamist terrorist organization that wishes for their demise.

He said:

Now, after the systematic massacre of Israeli citizens, a massacre that evokes some of the darkest memories of persecution against the Jewish people, it’s understandable that many Israelis have demanded that their government do whatever it takes to root out Hamas and make sure such attacks never happen again. Moreover, Hamas’ military operations are deeply embedded within Gaza — and its leadership seems to intentionally hide among civilians, thereby endangering the very people they claim to represent.

However, Obama wrote, “the world is watching closely” as Israel gears up to take on Hamas in Gaza, and he cautioned that a “military strategy that ignores the human costs could ultimately backfire” in terms of worsening a humanitarian crisis, hardening Palestinian opposition, eroding public support for Israel, and undermining efforts to achieve regional peace and stability.

In his Medium article, former President Obama expressed support for Israeli efforts to incapacitate Hamas while also advocating for humanitarian relief for Palestinians in Gaza and a two-state solution.

He condemned antisemitism and Islamophobia, as well as the “dehumanizing language” used against Palestinians and addressed the historical plight of the Palestinian people. Obama included links to other perspectives that did not favor Israel.

Goodwin’s op-ed in The New York Post provided counterpoints to Obama’s piece, connecting it to policies by President Biden’s administration that have impeded Israel’s reaction to Hamas’ terror campaign of October 7th.

Goodwin noted that past and current policies to appease Iran have enabled their funding of terrorist activity throughout the Middle East, which has been underplayed or kept secret, while simultaneously restraining Israeli forces.

He left readers with a pertinent question: “Whose side are they on?”

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