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President Trump Polling Well Over DeSantis With 63% Total Support in Post Debate Poll

On September 28th, Morning Consult surveyed 1,183 potential Republican primary voters. This poll revealed that President Trump leads Ron DeSantis by over 50%, garnering 62% of support from all candidates.

This is notable considering the September 27th Republican Primary Debate in California, which Trump did not attend; nonetheless, he experienced a five-point increase since the previous poll was released.

From Morning Consult:


  • 63% of potential Republican primary voters support Donald Trump for the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination, up from 58% in our survey released Monday ahead of the latest primary debate.

  • Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who faced heated attacks on stage from rivals such as former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, saw his support drop by 2 percentage points (as did Haley), though that movement was within the survey’s margin of error.

  • The sizable shift from Monday to Thursday is notable compared with what happened after the first Republican debate in August, when our Thursday post-debate survey found no significant change in the GOP electorate’s views.

Morning Consult concludes, “This data reinforces our view that Trump is in the driver’s seat of the Republican primary, and that Trump-less debates aren’t having much of an impact on the other candidates’ national support, and may in fact be helping the former president. It also suggests that the fragmentation of the field continues to harm efforts to stop Trump’s march to the 2024 nomination in Milwaukee next year.”

On Sunday in Ottumwa, Iowa, President Trump addressed a large crowd and signed voters to a “caucus pledge” while commenting on the second Republican Primary debate.

He further highlighted his ability to rebrand figures such as Ron DeSantis with names like “DeSanctus,” “DeSanctimonious,” and “Crooked Joe Biden.”

Trump: By the way, the debate numbers were the lowest in the history of debates. You saw that, right? And my speech, simultaneously put in Michigan to the auto workers, got great ratings. So it’s good. There’s something going on in our country. We want our country to be back. We want our country to be run by people with intelligence, with common sense, with smartness, with love for our Country, with love for our Country, not love for other people in other countries.

President Trump opted out of the second Republican primary debate in favor of delivering remarks to members of the United Auto Workers in Clinton Township, Michigan.

In response, former Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Michigan to show support for workers on strike.

A recent poll conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post revealed that President Donald Trump is leading a potential 2024 rematch against former Vice President Joe Biden at 52 percent to 42 percent among registered voters.

It is clear that the only candidate with the ability to secure a victory in November is President Trump, and all other Republican contenders should drop out of the race in order to assist him in his fight against the increasingly radical Marxist Biden Regime and weaponized Biden Justice Department.

The Trump campaign published the following press release on Friday:

ICYMI: Morning Consult Poll—President Trump Posts Biggest Lead Yet Over DeSantis

September 29, 2023

Read the polling memo from Morning Consult here.

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