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President Trump Teases Joe Biden With “Presidential Olympics” Video

President Trump provided a pointed critique of Joe Biden’s lack of balance over the weekend in an entertaining video, “Presidential Olympics,” created by @stevenvoiceover.

The specific event was titled the “Air Force One stairway ascent.”

Biden has had difficulty with stairs during his time as President, which is highlighted in the video that also showcases Trump’s perfect balance and agility.

A British announcer provides commentary on the “competition” between the two Presidents, which unsurprisingly results in a decisive victory for Trump.


Donald Trump, representing the United States of America, opens the proceedings by successfully descending from the Marine One helicopter and begins his journey toward Air Force One.

He deftly ascends the plane using his right hand with no missteps, adhering to the “grip and pull technique” made popular by Woodrow Wilson. President Trump then performs a graceful “turn and wave” before entering Air Force One.

The event gets underway for Joe Biden on an uncertain note as he chooses to wear a mask outside; this displays a lack of confidence.

Unfortunately things only get worse for Biden as he trips on the stairs three times despite receiving last minute advice from his mentor.

Here is the official call from the announcer:

“He’s gone a twice and he’s gone a third time. Oh, we’ve never seen that before.”

The announcer then portrays debacle from another angle, and notes that the contestants were warned that masks could result in “some light-headedness” and speculates this contributed to Biden’s embarrassing fall.

Then there were second attempts. This time Trump aces the test with his left hand while Biden fails once one more in spectacular fashion.

Here is the Trump call from the announcer:

Donald Trump’s second attempt. People are already saying it’s already over. Trump just needs to have a solid ascent. It’s probably beyond Biden’s reach.

And Biden call:

Some people are saying he’d need to do a full sprint with somersault to get the points back. I think he knows it’s beyond him now, he’s gone again, and this has been a disaster for Joe Biden.

His team was complaining about the “low light,” maybe that played a part. It’s been a terrible, terrible day for Team Biden.

The announcer concluded by noting that the Day Two event would be walking off stage, and similar results were expected.


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