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Is Joe Biden Planning to Bring Back the Draft?

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I sincerely hope that Joe Biden will exercise sound judgement and that all of the discussion around reinstating the draft is unfounded. Bringing back the draft would be catastrophic for our nation, as we can expect greater opposition to conscription than was seen during the 1960s and 1970s.

Unfortunately, our political leaders have been considering reintroducing a draft due to potential involvement in multiple conflicts.

I was recently astonished to discover that hundreds of noncommissioned officers have been instructed via email to appear at the recruiting school at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Without warning, hundreds of noncommissioned officers were ordered via email to report to the recruiting school at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in less than a week, with hundreds more set to start at the school in December — a sudden unexpected move by the Army as the service scrambles to boost its recruiting force by 800 by the end of the year.

The need for hundreds of additional recruiters has arisen suddenly, prompting further inquiry into the possible connection to the major war that has erupted in the Middle East. Those who have been directed to report to Fort Knox were given such limited time that they had no opportunity to arrange child care.

“Given the six-day heads up, we have zero time to plan child care,” one noncommissioned officer told on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. “We can barely find and afford child care during the week as it is, so now my wife may end up having to quit her job entirely because it is impossible to find on the weekend.”

This effort is intended to ensure an appropriate number of recruiters is maintained.

In recent months, the suggestion of reviving conscription has appeared in mainstream media outlets with increasing frequency. Most recently, Myra Adams wrote an article on the topic. It is essential to consider why there is such urgency surrounding this issue and determine if all of the facts are being taken into account.

Is the U.S. on the cusp of a three-front world war against Russia, Iran, and China? If such a seismic event were to occur, would our nation’s 50-year-old all-volunteer force require a boost from — dare I even say it? — a reinstatement of the draft?

Even without a major war in the Middle East, significant changes were likely to occur due to the decreased demand for recruitment. These articles are being released to gauge public opinion.

Joe Biden has implemented a wide-reaching social experiment across the military, leading to an exodus of young conservatives who are no longer considering military service. Additionally, there have always been individuals on the left who have not had any interest in joining the military.

In her article, Adams acknowledges that bringing back the draft would incite a vehement national conflict; however, she contends that this would be preferable to losing a major war.

But everyone knows that reinstating the draft will spark a fierce domestic battle, detracting from the war effort. After 50 years, a 21st-century draft would be a national nightmare. But could reinstating a draft be worse than potentially losing a major war?

Unfortunately, it is already too late to avoid a major war in the Middle East. On Saturday, the IDF and Hezbollah exchanged heavy fire, indicating that tensions have been escalating beyond repair. If we are not prepared to engage in a full-scale conflict, we must take steps to cease provoking the Chinese and Russian governments.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah said it carried out simultaneous attacks on Israeli positions at the Lebanese border on Saturday, as residents of south Lebanon reported some of the fiercest Israeli strikes yet during weeks of cross-border clashes.

The Israeli army said its warplanes had struck Hezbollah targets in response to an earlier attack from Lebanese territory, and was accompanying the air strikes with artillery and tank shelling.

As the conflict intensifies, demonstrations across the world are expected to become increasingly fervent. Over the weekend, protesters in Washington D.C. were observed desecrating cherished monuments and defacing statues.

Tens of thousands of pro-Hamas Muslims marched in the streets of Washington, D.C. today – desecrating beloved monuments and vandalizing statues. Watch videos of the destruction below. A massive crowd of Muslims, many waving Palestinian flags, stormed the White House gates chanting, “****** *****.” The White House gates were splattered with red paint. Not a single person was arrested.

It is concerning that many of the protesters acted in a manner which should have warranted immediate arrest, yet they were not apprehended. This suggests something has gone awry. It is possible the authorities were intimidated by the sheer size of the crowd and their chant of “from the river to the sea”.

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters massed in Washington, DC, Saturday afternoon before descending upon the White House to chant, “****** *****” and “**** Joe Biden” as they accused the president of genocide and demanded a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” the crowd dotted with Palestinian flags and signs cried at the start of the event, which drew attendees from across the country.

The chant – which is growing increasingly popular in the wake of Hamas’ deadly incursion into southern Israel last month and Israel’s subsequent retaliatory attacks on Gaza – is widely considered antisemitic because it implies the elimination of the State of Israel and its people.

Ultimately, this conflict will conclude. When it does, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared that Gaza must be incorporated into the future Palestinian state.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Gaza must be part of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state once the Israel-Hamas war is over, and Ankara will not support any plans “gradually erasing Palestinians” from history.

Erdogan made the remarks a day before U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was due to arrive in Ankara for talks on Gaza.

Barack Obama recently emerged to reiterate the same sentiment.

Obama spoke at the Obama Foundation’s Democracy Forum on Thursday, where he called for a two-state solution and an end to the “occupation,” while not clarifying what occupation he meant.

“All of this is taking place against the backdrop of decades of failure to achieve a durable peace for both Israelis and Palestinians,” the former president told the forum audience.

He continued, “One that is based on genuine security for Israel, a recognition of its right to exist, and a peace that is based on an end of the occupation and the creation of a viable state and self-determination for the Palestinian people.”

It has been the plan all along for the creation of a Palestinian state, and those working towards its formation are resolute in their ambitions. However, this goal is likely to be met with cataclysmic war in the Middle East, bringing about a staggering loss of life that will reverberate around the world.

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