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Reason Revealed for Fulton County Criminal Defense Attorneys Sudden Withdrawal From Prominent Georgia Case

Criminal Defense Attorneys Abruptly Withdraw Representation in Fulton County Ballot Review Case Prominent criminal defense attorneys Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark Palmer have abruptly filed a motion to withdraw their representation of Aaron Johnson and Teresa Crawford, two members of the Democrat Board of Registration and Elections in Fulton County, from the civil case seeking examination of physical paper ballots.

This comes despite being hired by Fulton County just four months prior.

The case has been ongoing since December 2020 when it was initially dismissed by Judge Brian Amero before being remanded back down after a Georgia Supreme Court ruling established that voters have standing to bring such cases.

Today, during a motions hearing for the Trump RICO case brought by DA Fani Willis, it was revealed that both Samuel and Palmer are now representing one of the 19 defendants: Attorney Ray Stallings Smith III.

This provides insight into the sudden filing of their withdrawal from representing Johnson and Crawford in what is an increasingly contentious legal battle over voting rights in Georgia.

This is a very interesting development.

Today, it was observed publicly in Judge Scott McAfee’s court that the two attorneys had been switched out as part of Stallings Smith’s legal team for the hearing to issue a protective order over discovery.

Here is the full video from today’s court appearance by Trump supporters on the bogus RICO charges.

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