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RFK Jr. Takes Heat For Walking Around Barefoot on Flight to Dallas: ‘Strange Dude’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been polling unexpectedly well as an independent presidential candidate, causing some concern for the Biden campaign.

However, he recently damaged his reputation among some passengers when he was photographed walking down the aisle of an American Airlines flight from Portland to Dallas without wearing shoes.

The photo quickly went viral on social media, prompting Democrat activist Jon Cooper to post on X platform that Kennedy Jr.’s actions were “DISGUSTING!!”

Cooper wrote that it was particularly strange since this occurred in first class and RFK Jr. was on his way to use the restroom.

Justin Haskins of the conservative Heartland Institute think tank noted on his podcast that debris from snacks and food items were littering the aisle.

“The floor is covered with food, and, like, disgusting food!” Haskins said on the podcast “Stopping Socialism TV with Justin and Donald.”

“He goes into the restroom sockless and shoeless,” Hasking added, according to TMZ. “Something I’ve literally never seen in my entire life … Absolutely disgusting, right?”

“And I’m thinking, ‘This guy is a presidential candidate!’” Hasking noted further, saying that was a disqualifier for him.

“This man needs to be removed from the race immediately,” he said.

In 2016, then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump achieved something that had eluded Republicans in many election cycles: he successfully broke down the “blue wall” of battleground states to defeat his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and secure the Oval Office.

Four years later, then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden was able to rebuild the blue wall by winning crucial states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

However, it appears these battlegrounds are now increasingly contested by Donald Trump as well as RFK Jr., who according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll cited by CNN has garnered 22% support among registered voters.

CNN political analyst Harry Enten remarked that Kennedy “is polling higher than any independent or third-party candidate in a generation” and thus could have a real chance of influencing the outcome of the 2024 election.

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