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Legal Analyst Breaks Down Colorado Judge’s Ruling In Trump 14th Amendment Case

Sol Wisenberg, a prominent legal expert, conducted a thorough analysis of the ruling made by Colorado state judge Sarah B. Wallace regarding an attempt to keep former President Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballot due to his alleged involvement in an “insurrection”.

Wisenberg determined that the most noteworthy aspect of Judge Wallace’s ruling was her restraint, however, he postulated that the outcome of this case at the state Supreme Court could have far-reaching implications for the 2024 presidential election.

Specifically, Judge Wallace noted that although she believes Trump was involved in an insurrection, this does not disqualify him from any political office as per Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

“Part of the Court’s decision is its reluctance to embrace an interpretation which would disqualify a presidential candidate without a clear, unmistakable indication that such is the intent of Section Three,” the judge wrote.

“After considering the arguments on both sides, the Court is persuaded that ‘officers of the United States’ did not include the President of the United States,” she said. “It appears to the Court that for whatever reason the drafters of Section Three did not intend to include a person who had only taken the Presidential Oath.”

During an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” Mr. Wisenberg and host Laura Ingraham discussed the numerous court cases against President Trump, eventually focusing on Judge Wallace’s ruling.

“And Sol, then in that Colorado case, the judge there … a separate case, obviously on 14th amendment grounds in Colorado. The judge there ruled that Trump — they made a factual finding saying that Trump is responsible for inciting an insurrection, but he can remain on the ballot,” Ingraham said.

“Well, the left went crazy with that all day long, saying that was, you know, fantastic because it sets a factual predicate in Colorado. Is that significant today?” she asked.

Wisenberg acknowledged what many in the media said but didn’t find it “significant.”

“I don’t think it’s significant,” Wisenberg responded. “The significant thing in that opinion was that she held back. She realizes the historical record is very mixed on this, so she exercised judicial restraint — you can tell it killed her. But what some judge in Colorado thinks about insurrection, I don’t think is going to have any effect on any of the federal cases here.”

It should be noted that Trump’s legal team attempted to have Judge Wallace removed from the case due to her past donation to anti-insurrection organizations.

Despite this effort, the former president’s team celebrated a victory in an email sent out to supporters. It is imperative that all communication regarding this matter is crafted in a serious and professional tone, and proofread for any errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

“We applaud today’s ruling in Colorado, which is another nail in the coffin of the un-American ballot challenges. With this decision, Democrats’ 14th Amendment challenges have now been defeated in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire,” Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said.

“These cases represent the most cynical and blatant political attempts to interfere with the upcoming presidential election by desperate Democrats who know Crooked Joe Biden is a failed president on the fast track to defeat,” he added. “The American voter has a Constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choosing, with President Donald J. Trump leading by massive numbers.

“This right was correctly preserved in Colorado today and we urge the swift disposal of any and all remaining Democrat ballot challenges. Onward to total victory in 2024, we will Make America Great Again!” he said.

Recently, a judge in Michigan issued a ruling on a legal action taken with the intention of preventing former President Donald Trump from being listed on the 2024 ballot based upon an antebellum provision of the United States Constitution.

“Court of Claims Judge James Redford rejected arguments that Trump’s role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol meant the court had to declare him ineligible for the presidency. Redford wrote that, because Trump followed state law in qualifying for the primary ballot, he cannot remove the former president,” The Associated Press reported.

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