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RNA and DNA Contamination in Food Supply Much More Prevalent Than Previously Thought

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the concept of messenger RNA (mRNA).

Initially, it was believed that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna injections contained mRNA. However, further investigation revealed they are actually composed of laboratory-made RNA and DNA particles that are more resilient than mRNA and can withstand digestion.

These so-called RNA and DNA jabs are being administered to human and animal populations today. Furthermore, the presence of these residues in food items may pose a greater risk to public health than any other existing factor.

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a “DNA vaccines” information page on its website that explains in further detail how these injections work. One noteworthy passage reads as follows:

“The field of DNA vaccination is developing rapidly. Vaccines currently being developed use not only DNA, but also include adjuncts that assist DNA to enter cells, target it towards specific cells, or that may act as adjuvants in stimulating or directing the immune response.”

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This is a terrifying revelation in that it shows how DNA vaccines as defined by official public health sources are a Trojan Horse that delivers foreign lab-made DNA into cell nuclei, possibly permanently.

research paper discussing all this explains that there are several bacterial species in existence that are capable of transferring vaccine plasmids to mammalian host cells. These bacterial species are basically cell factories capable of producing a very large number of DNA plasmids.

The paper further highlights a discovery made by Walter Shaffner in 1980 showing for the first time the occurrence of gene transfer from bacteria to mammalian cells “when tandem copies of the SV40 virus genome, carried by E. coli laboratory strains, were transferred into co-cultured mammalian cells.”

“Bacterial DNA vaccine delivery systems consist in the internalization of bacteria, harboring a plasmid vector containing the sequence of the gene of interest, by target cells,” the paper explains.

“Subsequently primary vesicle are formed and then fused to lysosomal compartments where lysis of bacteria occurs, releasing the plasmid DNA into the host’s cytosol. The plasmid DNA then migrates to the nucleus of the cell where the gene sequence of interest is transcribed for subsequent transduction and protein synthesis by the host’s cells machinery.”

(Related: Scientists from MIT found that RNA vaccines can be absorbed through the stomach and intestines, so what does this mean for people who eat meat from animals given RNA jabs?)

In much simpler terms, DNA vaccines are designed in such a way as to allow pharmaceutical companies to deliver whatever chemical payload they wish using SV40 and other adjuvant constituents. Worse yet, that payload may be self-replicating, taking over a person’s genome forever.

One of the reasons why Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are lying about their “mRNA” jabs being RNA-based rather than DNA-based is because DNA vaccines are much more of a threat to the body.

“If RNA vaccines and treatments are scary, DNA based gene therapies are an absolute nightmare,” writes attorney Thomas Renz on his Substack.

“… there are billions of line[s] of code that make up the human genome and we cannot even write a few million in an operating system or phone without bugs so why … would I want someone tinkering with the code that makes me live?”

This rapidly advancing field of gene therapy – these are not just simple vaccines – involves two major components: one being the genetic code to rewrite cells and the other being the vehicle, or adjuvant, used to deliver the new code into the cells. SV40, which causes cancer, is one such adjuvant used in COVID jabs that renders them wildly unsafe.

“When the jabs themselves are being made they are essentially distilled from DNA particles down into the ‘mRNA’ that is in the shots,” Renz writes. “It appears that the DNA used to create these mRNA particles is SV40. I say this because we keep finding SV40 in the vials and also because it is a natural fit for the job.”

If Big Pharma so easily lied about these shots being mRNA when the reality is that they are actually modRNA, it is not wild speculation to assume that the pharmaceutical industry also intentionally allowed modified SV40 DNA to also exist inside COVID jab vials, despite not being labeled and approved as such.

Concerning the food supply, there are a number of DNA vaccines for animals that are already being injected into cows, chickens, pigs and other animals consumed by humans. Based on what we now know concerning the negative effects of these DNA vaccines once inside their mammalian hosts, it only makes sense that humans are effectively eating modRNA, including DNA and RNA fragments, in meat.

Choosing only certified organic meat, in this case, will not necessarily protect you and your family because of a loophole in the Organic Food Act of the United States that allows food animals given genetically modified (GMO) “vaccines” to still be labeled “organic.”

“In light of the fact that the good people at big pharma have worked so hard to create transmissible vaccines that can survive through the food supply we need to ask ourselves whether there are any ulterior motives here,” Renz says.

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