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Vivek Ramaswamy Rants About Van Jones Who Was Unhappy With His Stance On Voter Replacement Theory

At the Turning Point USA AmericaFest 2023 event in Phoenix, Vivek Ramaswamy responded to a series of comments made by CNN commentator Van Jones regarding his statements from earlier this month.

During the last GOP presidential debate, Ramaswamy spoke on some issues that were met with mockery by the political establishment, including the Great Replacement Theory proposed by the Democrats to replace native-born Americans and gain a permanent majority within America.

This caused Jones to be visibly uncomfortable on CNN; he called Ramaswamy “very, very dangerous,” “a demagogue,” and “despicable” before accusing him of nearly engaging in “Nazi propaganda.”

In response, Ramaswamy did not mince words during his address at AmericaFest 2023.

Ramaswamy gave a vibrant response to Jones and elicited a great reaction from the audience.


Ramaswamy: We demand a government that tells us the truth in this country!

That is what we require. We can handle the truth! That is what it means to be a citizen in this country.

I say this on the debate stage to a bunch of Republicans shaking in their boots…these are the things you’re not supposed to say in the Republican Party, even today. And then you got the mainstream media… You got this character Van Jones afterward saying, “This is the rise of an American demagogue who is going to live 50 years longer than Trump; this is dangerous.”

“I am shaking” that’s what he says. (laughing) Just shut the f**k up!

(Crowd explodes in cheers)

Ramaswamy: And the third point, just shut the f**k up! Van Jones at CNN, we’re done with it.


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