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Biden Handled Like Toddler by Staff While Visiting PA Bike Shop

On Friday, Joe Biden embarked on a journey to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Departing from his usual style of delivering speeches, he embarked on a tour of the town, making unexpected visits to various local businesses in order to connect with the people.

Unfortunately, his demeanor seemed perplexed and disoriented as is often observed.

“Biden visits South Mountain Cycle bicycle shop, on Main Street in Emmaus. He appears to be shaking hands with employees. Gov. Josh Shapiro, Sen. Bob Casey and Allentown Mayor Matt Tuerk are also visiting Emmaus as part of the president’s delegation.” – WFMZ reported.

Upon his arrival in Pennsylvania, Biden opted for the smaller staircase and refrained from taking any questions as he got off the plane.


Biden dedicated his time to strolling through various businesses, extending awkward greetings to the hardworking employees.

As Joe entered the bike shop on Main Street, a woman pointed out to him, “Look! He wrote his name on his shirt so that you can find him.”

Biden was given childlike attention as he navigated through the small businesses in Allentown.

As Biden was being introduced to additional employees at the bike shop, an expression of emptiness took hold on his face.

Is it not astonishing that the supposed leader of the Free World is behaving in such a manner? It’s no surprise that our nation’s reputation has suffered globally.

For three consecutive days, Biden chose to remain hidden before finally making an appearance in Pennsylvania. According to TGP’s report on Thursday, Karine Jean Pierre declined to provide any information regarding his whereabouts.

Despite being 81 years old, Joe Biden has deliberately avoided public visibility for three days straight and the White House remains tight-lipped about the reasons behind this decision.

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