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FBI Arrests Three J6 Protesters in Raid on Anniversary of Capitol Protest

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On Saturday morning, the FBI arrested three individuals in connection with the January 6th Capitol protest, which occurred three years prior.

“The FBI executed three federal arrest warrants early this morning at a ranch in Groveland, Florida in Lake County,” the FBI Tampa office said in a statement on X.

“The subjects taken into custody are January 6 fugitives Jonathan Daniel Pollock, Olivia Michele Pollock, and Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III. The defendants are scheduled to appear in Federal Court in Ocala, Florida on Monday, January 8. No further details concerning their capture are available at this time.”

According to the criminal complaint, Jonathan Pollock and two other co-defendants have been accused of engaging in violent behavior against police officers during the January 6 Captol protest.

It is believed that Jonathan Pollock has been on the run since an arrest warrant was issued in June 2021.

Federal agents reported that Joseph Daniel Hutchinson directed punches at the faces of officers while Olivia Michelle Pollock, Jonathan’s sister, removed her ankle monitor after being indicted on charges related to January 6 and subsequently disappeared before her trial.

The remaining two co-defendants were convicted at a bench trial and sentenced to federal prison.

“Their co-defendants Joshua Christopher Dollin and Michael Steven Perkins were both convicted at a bench trial, and Dollin sentenced to 18 months in federal prison, while Perkins was sentenced to four years in federal prison.” – NBC News reported.

More than 1,000 J6rs have been apprehended and charged with criminal offenses by the Biden Administration’s Justice Department.

It has come to light that many of these defendants were arrested while engaging in peaceful protest within the Capitol, after police officers opened the doors and invited them inside.

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