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Jewish Mother Confronts Hamas-Supporting P*rn Star, Mia Khalifa, Outside Miami Beach Convention Center

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The recent invasion of Israel by Hamas and the resulting loss of innocent lives has shed light on the true nature of the degenerate individuals in American society.

Among them is Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American porn star, who openly supported Hamas’s attack on Israel and even suggested they film their heinous acts in high-quality footage.

As a consequence, Playboy severed ties with her.

However, Khalifa experienced a taste of her own medicine when she was confronted by a Jewish mother outside the Miami Beach Convention Center.

With just three words, the woman managed to set Khalifa off.

Khalifa recorded part of this encounter and shared it on her X page while expressing her dissatisfaction and accusing the woman of using derogatory language without any evidence to support such claims.

The Zionists are losing the plot. She followed me through the lobby calling me slurs and didn’t stop the entire time she was waiting for her UberPool at the Antique Jewelry Fair. She’s a vendor- something she made abundantly clear so I guess this is what her business stands for.

The video begins with Khalifa inquiring if the woman’s son takes pride in his mother.

In response, the woman confidently utters the Hebrew phrase “Am Yisrael Chai,” signifying the enduring existence of the people of Israel.

Later, Khalifa arrogantly retorts, mistakenly believing she has emerged victorious from their exchange, however, the woman manages to provoke a strong reaction from the porn star once again.


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