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The State of New California Is Taking Another Giant Step Forward with Its Statehood

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New California, a forward-thinking state, is proud to announce its upcoming “STEPS to STATEHOOD” event in Sacramento this Monday.

Led by visionary Paul Preston and inspired by the US Constitution and the West Virginia model from the Civil War, New California is taking all necessary steps towards becoming a new state.

When Americans find themselves voiceless and deprived of their voting rights due to oppressive rulers, there is always a solution within the confines of the US Constitution.

This is precisely what the people of California are doing.

On January 15, 2024, at 11 am Pacific Time, members of New California State will gather on the steps of the California State Capitol to affirm, declare, and proclaim their intent to establish a new state.

With great conviction, they will read their statements supporting this monumental undertaking.

“Sacramento, CA will be the location for reading of the New California State Statehood Proclamation. In celebration of the 6th anniversary of New California Declaring Independence from the state of California the Affirmation, Declaration of Independence AND Statehood Proclamation will be read on the California state capital steps.”

In 2016, the concept of New California materialized into reality. However, since then, California’s elections have introduced practices like ballot harvesting and all mail-in voting, consistently resulting in victories for the Democratic party.

Surprisingly, many individuals within the state still believe it leans towards the Republican side. Unfortunately, tyranny has become a common occurrence in New California.

The southern border remains open, providing easy entry for illegal immigrants.

Cities are accommodating to these individuals while crime rates soar due to lenient policies promoted by Soros-backed district attorneys who undermine the police force.

Regrettably, Americans who hold differing opinions or reside in rural areas find their voices silenced within the state.

They face significant challenges in making themselves heard.

Furthermore, COVID mandates were implemented and eventually revoked while allegations of election fraud marred the 2020 Election. Interestingly enough, New California’s model had foreseen these issues well before they transpired.

The New California movement is diligently working towards achieving its goal of becoming the 51st state. Key foundations have been established, including a constitution and a legislature.

Representatives from this movement have been sent to Washington D.C., actively participating in national politics.

The efforts of numerous individuals are now bearing fruit as progress is made towards their objectives.

It is essential to recognize that New California has the potential to play a crucial role in saving both GOP’s prospects and our country during the 2024 Election.

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