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Vivek Ramaswamy Flips NBC News Script, Shuts Down Several Race-Baiting Questions

When will the corporate media understand that attempting to pressure Vivek Ramaswamy is ill-advised? On Wednesday, a female Washington Post reporter attempted to corner Ramaswamy at one of his Iowa campaign events with an unfounded question about white supremacy, only for him to decisively refute her.

The following day, NBC News journalist Dasha Burns confronted him again on the topic of race and inquired about Dylann Roof, a white nationalist who committed a mass shooting in 2015.

In response, Ramaswamy stated that he denounces racism in all forms but refuses to participate in the media’s game of “gotcha” questions related to alleged white supremacy crises.

He further explained that some have labeled non-racial matters as white supremacy when they are not actually related to skin color; as an example, he cited punctuality.

Burns became agitated and falsely accused Ramaswamy of making a straw man argument with reference to Jussie Smollett. It is clear that the corporate media must recognize their folly in attempting to challenge Ramaswamy on this matter.

“But you are also cherry-picking when you bring up Jussie Smollett!” she whines.

Ramaswamy swats her away like a fly and then proceeds to elaborate on the black-on-black crime crisis plaguing America.

“If you really care about crime against black Americans, let’s get to the root causes of it,” he says.

Burns then attempted to challenge Ramaswamy’s argument by referencing the Anti-Defamation League’s statistics on “white supremacist propaganda,” however, this was unsuccessful as Ramaswamy rebutted this claim.

This caused Burns further ire, and she proceeded to rudely interrupt Ramaswamy while he was addressing the potential use of federal law enforcement data regarding alleged FBI statistics on ‘hate crimes.’

Again, this effort failed as Ramaswamy pointed out that ‘hate crimes’ are a political judgement and reiterated that the best way to help black Americans is to focus on the black-on-black crime occurring in our inner cities.


After an exchange of perspectives, Ramaswamy brings up the Nashville transgender manifesto and mentions that it was the only one that did not spread quickly due to it being outside of the corporate media narrative. He continues to defend his position in spite of Burns’ attempts to redirect the conversation. Burns then suggests that Ramaswamy’s candidacy may be a deterrent for Black and Hispanic voters as Republicans are making gains, and further argues that establishment Republicans are concerned about his rhetoric. In response, Ramaswamy makes a definitive statement.

“You know what? I’m concerned about their corruption!” he says. Ramaswamy then talks about how he can unify the country and mentions a challenging but respectful exchange with a black pastor on affirmative action at one of his campaign events before Burns interrupts.

After she attempts to argue that denying racism is a problem denies affirmative action, Ramaswamy firmly shuts her down.

He states that the United States is closer than ever to realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of ending racism in America, and criticized the media for damaging the reputation of civil rights leaders.

Drawing attention to fabricated issues such as systemic racism and white guilt only serves to re-open racial divides which were almost healed.

Ramaswamy then concluded that by avoiding politically-minded phrases and being truthful about the progress made on racial matters in America, he will be able to bring more people of color into the GOP and celebrate this achievement.

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