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NYPD Touts Dance Team as Illegal Aliens Overrun Big Apple

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The New York Police Department (NYPD) caused controversy across the political spectrum when they showcased their dance team on a local news station last week.

The dance team, established in 2022, practices twice weekly and entertains communities throughout the city as part of their community outreach efforts. This includes performances at schools and in parades.

Autumn-Rain Martinez, the president of the dance team, along with other squad members, appeared on WPIX-11 to talk about the group.

Martinez explained that one of the purposes of the squad is to provide a way for members to unwind from the pressures of law enforcement while also fostering camaraderie among officers. She mentioned that taxpayer funds support this initiative.

Rain-Martinez went on to say that all members of the NYPD, including men, are allowed to join, and they have limited standards. “As long as you have the passion, that’s what we care about the most,” Martinez said.

Following the discussion, the dance team went on to deliver a highly awkward performance to the song “Club Can’t Handle Me” by rapper Flo Rida. The dance segment starts around the 2:45 timestamp in the video.


The primary role of the police is to ensure protection and service, not entertainment. This stunt is particularly egregious given the current influx of illegal immigrants flooding into New York City and causing distress among residents.

According to social media feedback, the public relations move by the NYPD has completely backfired, with users harshly criticizing the frivolous concept of a dance team. Even prominent figures like AOC have publicly criticized the department for this misstep.

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