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Sheriff of County Where Laken Riley Was Murdered Ran Campaign On Not Cooperating With Immigration Officials

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The sheriff of the Georgia county where 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley was recently murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, who had prior interactions with law enforcement in the U.S., committed to not assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers if elected.

John Williams, then a sergeant at the Athens-Clarke County Police Department and a candidate for county sheriff in 2020, expressed his disapproval of ICE detainers during an interview with Athens Politics Nerd, arguing that they instill unwarranted fear among communities.

“A lot of law enforcement is based around community support,” Williams said. “… Building relationships is key. And if we’re antagonizing people because they are, what, undocumented or underdocumented, then they built that fear in them, and they’re not likely to come to us, not only when we need their help, but when they need our help.”

For instance, he said, victims of domestic violence may hesitate to come forward and report abuse if they believe that an arrest might result in someone “being taken to jail and thus deported and breaking apart families.”

“Are there situations that might call for someone to be deported? Yes, but that’s not for the sheriff’s department to decide,” he stated.

The full interview can be seen below. The discussion about ICE detainers begins around the 7:25 mark.

Throughout the interview, Williams implies a preference for a more compassionate approach to law enforcement. He expresses his desire to train deputies in “emotional intelligence” to prevent policing based on biases.

He also mentions President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, highlighting its recommendations for enhancing police-community relationships by addressing issues like poverty, education, and health and safety.

Despite Williams’ concerns about biases in policing, his bio on the sheriff’s office website suggests he may hold personal biases related to identity politics within law enforcement.

In the bio, he criticizes the predominantly white police force in his hometown of Gary, Indiana for being indifferent towards the challenges faced by the majority-minority population.

This disparity motivated him to strive for equal treatment of all individuals regardless of factors like race, ethnicity, or citizenship. Williams did not provide a response to Blaze News’ request for comment.

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