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Georgia Judge Allows Trump Team to Appeal Fani Willis Disqualification Decision

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On Wednesday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee announced that President Trump and his co-defendants can appeal the disqualification decision made by Fani Willis.

Judge McAfee had previously ruled that District Attorney Fani Willis could proceed with her RICO case against Trump and his associates in a 23-page decision.

However, he also mandated that Willis address any “appearance of impropriety” before the case can progress, ordering her to dismiss her lover Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor she had assigned to pursue Trump.

Following this ruling, Nathan Wade resigned from the RICO case on Friday afternoon.

The Georgia Court of Appeals now has 45 days to consider any appeals regarding Judge McAfee’s disqualification order. Trump’s attorney, Steve Sadow, described this decision by Judge McAfee as “highly significant.”

“The defense is optimistic that appellate review will lead to the case being dismissed and the DA being disqualified,” Sadow said, according to Fox News.

Fox News reported:

A Georgia judge presiding over the 2020 election interference case against former President Trump announced Wednesday that Trump and his co-defendants can appeal the order that denied the disqualification of embattled DA Fani Wills.

Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee on Wednesday issued a certificate of immediate review, allowing Trump and eight co-defendants to seek an appeal of the order.

The defense now has 10 days to submit an application to the Georgia Court of Appeals, which will have 45 days to decide whether they will hear the case from March 15, when the order was issued. Under Georgia law, the Georgia Court of Appeals is not required to hear the case.

“Upon review of the Defendants’ joint motion for a Certificate of Immediate Review, the Court finds that the Order on the Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss and Disqualify the Fulton County District Attorney issued March 15, 2024, ‘is of such importance to the case that immediate review should be had,’” McAfee said.

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