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Pelosi Starts Online Firestorm After Bizarre House Speech About China and TikTok

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Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House and Democratic representative from California, sparked widespread interest online with her remarks on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

In her speech, she endorsed legislation that has been criticized for its potential to prohibit TikTok usage.

Drawing a comparison to the game tic-tac-toe, Pelosi argued that the proposed measures aim to enhance rather than eliminate the app.

“I have a few points to make, and it’s interesting to hear this respectful debate. First of all, this is not a ban on TikTok. I’m a grandmother of teenagers. I understand the entertainment value, the educational value, the communication value, and the business value for some businesses on this,” the Speaker Emeritus said.

“This is not an attempt to ban TikTok. It’s an attempt to make TikTok better. Tic-tac-toe, a winner. A winner,” she said.

“And here’s what I have to say: the people of China have come forth.  The Tibetans have come forth and said on TikTok in China they are suppressed.  They cannot put their message out.  Not only that, the Chinese government misrepresents the situation in Tibet,” the former Speaker said.

“In Hong Kong – well, let me just tell you about Hong Kong.  During the Taiwan election, TikTok, TikTok-ed into Taiwan that the Uyghurs, on whom there is a genocide exercised by the Chinese government – they have told the people in Taiwan that the Uyghurs like that genocide.  And they told them that the people of Hong Kong like the destruction of their democracy.  They don’t frame it that way, but that’s their message.  And again, suppressing the communication from Tibet,” she said.

“And then, just yesterday on the steps, we heard from the Taiwan people, we heard from the Tibetans, we heard from the Hong Kong [people], and we heard from a woman whose husband was arrested because of his communication with somebody with a shared view,” the California representative said.

“So, this is controlled by the Chinese communist government.  But forgetting that, if you can – I can’t – think of this: the algorithm.  The Chinese government will control the algorithm.  They can change it anytime, coming into the United States.  I urge a ‘yes’ vote,” she said.


Her speech was met with hilarious responses on X.

“If Pelosi likes it, there is something awful hidden within this bill,” another said.

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