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Rep Jim Jordan Begins Investigating IRS Corruption Claims, Agency Spying on Taxpayers

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The recent revelations about the IRS spying on Americans is deeply concerning and represent a dangerous overreach of government power.

The fact that a government agency tasked with collecting taxes is also engaging in surveillance of its citizens raises serious questions about privacy rights and the limits of government authority.

The IRS’s actions not only violate the trust between taxpayers and the government but also erode the fundamental principles of democracy.

What is particularly troubling is that this trend seems to be escalating, with reports indicating increased surveillance activities by the IRS in recent years. This unchecked expansion of surveillance capabilities sets a dangerous precedent for further encroachments on civil liberties.

Luckily, two Republicans are standing up to the gross overreach.

Chairman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, and Rep. Harriet Hageman, a Republican from Wyoming, have initiated a new investigation into allegations of IRS corruption.

They are looking into claims that the IRS, a feared and powerful federal agency, is using artificial intelligence to conduct mass surveillance on taxpayers’ bank accounts and financial records without legal justification.

This investigation was prompted by the IRS publicly acknowledging its use of AI technology to track down tax payments.

Jordan and Hageman have sent letters to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting their cooperation in reviewing this concerning situation.

The members explain, in an announcement about their review, “Recent reporting alleges that the IRS’s use of AI has also included actively monitoring American citizens’ bank accounts en masse and without legal process.”

They explained that video footage obtained by an investigative media outlet, James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group, “appears to capture Alex Mena, an IRS official working in the agency’s Criminal Investigations Unit, admitting that the IRS has ‘a new system’ that uses AI to target ‘potential abusers’ by examining all returns, bank statements, and related financial information for ‘potential for fraud.’

“Mena asserted that the new AI system has the ability to access and monitor ‘all the information from all the companies in the world.’ In the video, Mena suggested that the AI-powered system can ‘see the amount’ in every American’s bank account, adding that this ‘invasive’ system is ‘working really well nationwide.’ Mena also noted that IRS agents ‘have no problem, like, going after the small people, you know, putting people in prison. Like destroying people’s lives, they have no problem doing that.’ When asked whether the system is constitutional, Mena replied, ‘I doubt it.’”

The Committee on the Judiciary and its Select Subcommittee are currently investigating the Biden administration’s use of the federal government to target perceived enemies in America.

“The committee and its select subcommittee have reason to believe that the IRS and Department of Justice are actively monitoring millions of Americans’ private transactions, bank accounts, and related financial information – without any legal process – using an AI-powered system” they charged.

Those actions raise “serious doubts about the federal government’s respect for Americans’ fundamental civil liberties.”

They are also interested in interviewing Mena.

The members of Congress said, “The Committee and Select Subcommittee have reason to believe that the IRS is working with other federal agencies to conduct this AI-powered warrantless financial surveillance. In the video, Mena stated that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and ‘Inspector General’ control this AI-powered warrantless surveillance system, ‘not the IRS.’ Additionally, the Treasury Department’s February 28, 2024 press release makes clear that the Treasury Department’s Office of Payment Integrity (OPI) has a ‘strong partnership with federal law enforcement agencies,’ which has ‘led to multiple active cases and arrests.’ These allegations are particularly concerning given the IRS’s track record of targeting, harassing, and intimidating American taxpayers and journalists and history of ignoring due process requirements when investigating taxpayers.”

The government offices are required to provide Congress with a lengthy list of documents and evidence in the letters.

“This letter serves as a formal request to preserve all existing and future records and materials relating to the topics addressed in this letter. You should construe this preservation notice as an instruction to take all reasonable steps to prevent the destruction or alteration, whether intentionally or negligently, of all documents, communications, and other information, including electronic information and metadata, that are or may be responsive to this congressional inquiry. This instruction includes all electronic messages sent using your official and personal accounts or devices, including records created using text messages, phone-based message applications, or encryption software.

“The Committee on the Judiciary has jurisdiction to conduct oversight of matters concerning ‘civil liberties’ to inform potential legislative reforms. In addition, H. Res. 12 authorized the Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to investigate ‘issues related to the violation of the civil liberties of citizens of the United States.’ H. Res. 12 also authorized the Select Subcommittee to investigate ‘how executive branch agencies work with, obtain information from, and provide information to the private sector, non-profit entities, or other government agencies to facilitate action against American citizens.’”

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