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Whoopi Goldberg Claims President Trump Will Put People in Camps

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During a recent episode of ‘The View,’ Whoopi Goldberg made a statement suggesting that if Donald Trump were to be reelected, he would establish camps for people.

This remark was made following her criticism of individuals expressing concerns about inflation under Biden’s administration.

It is alarming and concerning that such unfounded claims are being propagated by public figures.

Despite media’s expressed worries about misinformation and disinformation, there seems to be a lack of accountability when it comes to challenging statements like these made by Whoopi Goldberg.

Transcript via NewsBusters:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: What’s interesting for me is that people’s faith in the country is waning. That’s the thing that’s —


GOLDBERG: — pissing me off. Because, in fact, here’s a reason Joe Biden ran the way he did. There’s a reason he’s running for democracy now, because that’s really what’s at stake.

You’re worried that you can’t pay your bill? Wait until the other guy becomes president, and you won’t have to worry about it because you’ll be in some camp somewhere because that’s his promise. His promise to us is he’s going to force people to do his bidding. That’s what he said. I’m going to be good on day one, and I’m going to turn into this other person.

So, here’s the deal. This is all up to you. This is all up to you. We can sit up here until we’re green in the face, but this really comes down to the people. What is the country you want? Do you want the country that you kind of thought you had where we all get to say what we think and we don’t have to be afraid of being American and believing that, yeah, there will be people who come in, and some will get in quick and some will take a different route. But they’re coming here for a reason because they’re living in a place that’s not good for their families.


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