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Texas National Guard Retakes Control of El Paso Border With Miles of Razor-Wire, ‘Anti-Climb’ Fence

The Texas National Guard reclaimed control of the El Paso border on Tuesday morning, defying the Biden administration.
They implemented additional security measures including concertina wire and a new anti-climb fence to prevent illegal immigrants from causing further disruptions like they did on March 21st.
Fox News Channel’s Matt Finn gained exclusive access to the new barrier, noting its resemblance to a wall in Eagle Pass.
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The Texas National Guard is making significant improvements to their security measures, aiming to make it extremely difficult for illegal immigrants to breach their defenses.

This follows an incident where more than 200 illegal aliens managed to break through the razor wire and launch an attack on the Texas National Guard, resulting in charges of rioting being filed against them on Tuesday.

In a controversial decision, El Paso magistrate judge Humberto Acosta, known for his left-leaning views, ordered that each of the “hundreds of arrestees” from the violent riot should receive individual bail hearings within 48 hours of their arrest.

Additionally, he rejected the District Attorney’s plea for extra time to prepare for these hearings.

The New York Post reported that Acosta decided to release 39 illegal aliens who had appeared before him on rioting charges on their own recognizance, even though they had injured Texas border guards.

However, instead of being released onto the streets, the individuals were transferred from state custody to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE confirmed that they are prepared to take custody of all the illegal immigrants who crossed the border and have pledged to deport each one of them.

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