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Wisconsin Investigators Discover Immigrants Are Flooding the Voter Rolls

Leftist election fraud occurs every two-year cycle, manifesting in varying forms each time. In the current 2024 elections, a new fraudulent scheme has been uncovered: illegal aliens are being registered to vote through a complex process involving their transportation via the “Biden Express” to fabricated homeless addresses. The migrants are then sent on their way while their ballots are collected and used for voting.

This alarming discovery was made by a team in Wisconsin utilizing innovative methods. The scale of this operation is significant, with potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal votes already cast. This deceitful practice remains undetectable by existing technology and is being ignored by certain factions urging unquestioning support for early voting and ballot harvesting.

Fortunately, the Wisconsin team has intervened early in 2024 and developed an effective strategy to combat this fraud. Collaborations between religious NGOs and the Biden administration facilitate the registration of migrants at fake homeless shelter addresses, which serve as collection points for their ballots. These NGOs provide migrants with resources such as phones and gift cards to incentivize their participation in the scheme.

In states like Wisconsin, individuals can easily register to vote without proper identification by simply checking a box on Form EL-131 claiming homelessness. This loophole allows anyone to register, even if someone else fills out the form on their behalf.

The Republican Party’s failure to address this issue and voter integrity organizations’ lack of action have enabled this fraudulent activity to persist unchecked. It is crucial for these organizations to redirect resources towards combating such manipulative practices rather than focusing on ineffective initiatives like voter guides and seminars.

This is only the beginning.

The scope of the fraud becomes even more shocking when studied over the course of decades.

During the development of the eBay fraud engine and the State Farm auto fraud system, our team discovered that fraudsters possess no allegiances.

This trend is now becoming evident. Take a look at this!

The migrants arriving on the Biden Express under cover of darkness are not naive – they understand how to manipulate those who are gullible.

Originating from warm equatorial regions with no snow, ice, or poor road conditions, these migrants from Central America did not travel all the way to Wisconsin or Michigan without intelligence.

They can identify individuals who are easily swayed, particularly the well-meaning religious groups.

Accepting debit cards worth thousands of dollars, new clothing, and phones, these migrants happily register to vote at homeless shelters lacking beds. They then journey from Wisconsin to Michigan with directions provided by another religious NGO that offers additional funds and debit cards. This process displays a high level of entrepreneurship – perhaps they are budding Republicans!

By registering in multiple states using potentially different identities, these migrants remain untraceable and could result in 10,000 new illegal voters in Wisconsin also appearing in Minnesota and Michigan under different names.

While Leftists embrace them, Republicans remain oblivious to their actions.

This scheme is highly successful.

A new tactic known as the “ballot multiplier” has emerged.

Migrants are flown in from Central America by a presidential candidate seeking votes. These individuals are transported across state lines illegally and registered by NGOs to vote for that particular candidate. In contrast, his opponent plans to engage in ballot harvesting. It is clear who will benefit from this strategy.

Thousands of migrants are backed by a Leftist religious NGO that provides them with resources and facilitates voter registration under various identities each time.

10,000 migrants could represent 40,000 unaccounted-for ballots in crucial swing states, allegedly flown in by a presidential candidate. This dubious tactic is being hailed as a masterclass in election manipulation, far surpassing traditional ballot harvesting methods.

The migrants are allegedly able to assume different identities at will, participating in multiple mail-in ballot events across several states. Once their work is done and the weather turns cold, they reportedly disperse to locations like Austin, Phoenix, or California to blend into more favorable conditions.

It is suggested that these migrants are utilizing new homeless shelters as registration points to avoid detection. By congregating at these shelters disproportionately, they attract attention from both political parties. The aim seems to be to register large numbers of new voters under false pretenses without raising suspicion.

The strategy involves setting up fake addresses that appear legitimate on the surface but are actually used for identity collection rather than providing actual services. Religious organizations and NGOs are implicated in facilitating this scheme by offering incentives like clothing, phones, debit cards, and assistance with ballot registration.

This orchestrated effort of election fraud is viewed as justified by some participants who believe it is necessary to prevent certain political outcomes. However, a team in Wisconsin has developed technology aimed at detecting and challenging these fraudulent activities before they can impact the integrity of the electoral process.

By focusing on analyzing addresses rather than individual identities, this innovative approach seeks to combat organized voter fraud on an industrial scale. While traditional methods of identifying fake voters have proven ineffective and costly, this new strategy aims to disrupt the fraudulent practices at their source.

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