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Biden’s Power Play: Protecting His Son and Securing His Re-election

  • Joe Biden has been using his position as President to protect his son, Hunter, and secure his own re-election.
  • Recent events, such as the conviction of Donald Trump in New York, have shown the extent of this power play.
  • This cynical maneuver has only further eroded trust in government and law enforcement among Americans.

In recent days, President Joe Biden has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. While he may claim to be a unifier and champion for American values, it is becoming increasingly clear that his actions are driven by personal gain rather than the betterment of the country. In fact, it seems that his primary goal is to keep his son out of prison and himself in the White House.

Last Thursday, former President Donald Trump was convicted in a case brought against him by New York Democrats. However, many have criticized this as a travesty of justice, with evidence being pulled from thin air in an attempt to smear Trump’s name once again. Despite this lack of credibility, Democrats were determined to push their agenda forward at any cost.

This success only served to further damage trust in government and law enforcement among American citizens. It begs the question – what lengths will they go to protect their own interests? And what role does Joe Biden play in all of this?

According to a column in the NY Post:

Biden doesn’t care about that because he got what he wanted — the ability to call his opponent a convicted felon, a term he promptly used at a gathering of donors.

For Democrats, red meat doesn’t get any redder than being able to call Trump a felon.

It’s been their Holy Grail since 2016 and from now until November, it will be the favorite word of their keyboard warriors.

Here’s a random example that came in over the transom.

A fundraising pitch from an Arizona Dem House candidate named Andrei Cherny begins this way:

“The number of convicted felons in AZ-01 will be increasing by one this Thursday. That’s right: Donald Trump is coming to campaign at a rally only four miles from our campaign HQ.”

For Biden, the verdict started a weekend that featured two other power moves.

The first was making a show of taking his son Hunter with him on Air Force One to Delaware.

Hunter’s illegal gun trial was to begin there Monday, so the president used the photo ops to make sure the world — and potential jurors — saw his loyalty.

This was a Mafia-like message: Screw with my son and you screw with me.

Never mind that the president is no fan of the Second Amendment and has no known sympathy for other junkie gun owners.

This is personal.

The family’s weekend bike ride underscored the point, as did the courthouse attendance of Jill Biden and other family members at the first two days of the trial.

The first lady might as well have been wearing a sign saying “Jurors, Beware.” Neither the president nor anyone else was quoted as talking about Hunter. They didn’t have to. The pictures said it all.

It is no secret that Hunter Biden has been a thorn in his father’s side for years. His questionable business dealings and scandals have been a constant source of embarrassment for the Biden family. With ongoing investigations into his finances, it seems that the walls are closing in on Hunter.

But Joe Biden, a semi-seasoned and well coached politician, knows how to use his power to manipulate situations in his favor. And this recent border crackdown is just another example of that. While he may try to paint it as a move towards immigration reform, the truth is far more sinister.

Biden knows that by appearing tough on immigration and cracking down on the border, he will gain support from those who are concerned about national security. This plays into his re-election strategy – keep Americans distracted with issues like immigration while he quietly works to protect his son’s freedom.

This cynical power play is not only damaging to the country as a whole but also further highlights the hypocrisy of the left. They claim to stand for justice and equality, yet they are willing to bend the rules and use their positions of power for personal gain.

Americans must not fall prey to these manipulative tactics. It is our duty as citizens to hold our leaders accountable and demand transparency and integrity from those in positions of authority.

Joe Biden’s actions speak volumes about his true motives. He may boast about knowing how to use power, but at what cost? As long as he continues down this path of self-preservation, America will suffer. It’s time for us as citizens to see through the facade and demand better from our leaders.

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