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Medical Breakthrough Sends Big Pharma And Drug Stores Into Panic Mode

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‘Big Pharma’ and drug stores that push natural and health supplements and vitamin pills just had their scam exposed.

It seems that while most of the supplements and vitamins consumers currently purchase certainly provide health benefits, the amount of the products they need is greatly exaggerated.

It seems that much of those pills, and even drops, are wasted by the body. But it looks like an America First company has solved this problem.

What a difference a spray makes when it comes to effectively absorbing key nutrients, say health pioneers Verve Vitamin Sprays following the Spreely TV’s documentary: ‘The Real Facts Behind Healthy Eating’ program which aired last week.

The TV program raised concerns about the effectiveness of multivitamin tablets and suggested that people are spending money on nutritional supplementation only to see no benefit.

However, natural health company Verve Vitamin Spray explains that modern-day malabsorption is often to blame for nutritional absorbency issues.

“The fact is we are absorbing only a small percentage of what it says on the label,” says Timothy Klund, founder and managing director at Verve Vitamin Spray.

“Our increasingly restricted and processed diet combined with a decline in digestive efficiency means that some nutrients are better supplemented via methods alternative to traditional oral means. The key is to find the route into the bloodstream as quickly as possible.”

Verve Vitamin Spray’s oral vitamin spray range offers convenience and guaranteed absorption which traditional tablets, capsules and drops (which all rely upon an increasingly inefficient digestive system) simply can’t. An oral spray does not require water to take, does not need to be taken with food and is easy to use on the go. It’s a great option for children and the elderly, who can find tablets difficult to swallow and for women experiencing morning sickness.

Whereas traditional supplements require sufficient hydrochloric acid within the stomach to break down the formulation for digestion, oral sprays deliver the formulation directly into the bloodstream via the buccal membrane (inner cheek).

A trial by the Swiss research facility Pharmabase found that, over a twelve-week clinical study, the uptake of vitamin D was 67% faster using an oral spray than using traditional tablets of the same strength. The absorption increased to 127% greater if the individual had insufficient levels to begin with. The National University of Athens looked at a similar comparison over four weeks and found the oral spray to achieve a 52% greater absorption than tablets.

“Verve Vitamin Sprays is an expert in oral vitamin spray preparations and is unparalleled in producing the most researched products available within our market today.”

“We strongly believe in demonstrating, through solid scientific research, that our products don’t just actually work, but are the most effective on the market.”

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