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Perks of Being a Wallflower include Rape, Bestiality…..

Parents in Glen Ellyn, Illinois were not happy about the novel that teachers were encouraging middle school students to read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. The book includes profanity, homosexuality, bestiality, masturbation, incest, and rape in very graphic detail, leaving
little-to-nothing to the imagination. The school board voted to restrict the book after parental outcries. However, the students launched
a protest and the school board reversed it’s decision voting to reinstate the book.

It doesn’t look like the book was required reading, but was part of a list of choices for independent reading recommended
by the school
 for junior high school students!

This isn’t “controversial” content… this is “VERY MATURE” content. Here’s a link to the content… you’ve been warned!!! 

One of the board members who spoke about this issue said parents should have “a critical voice in terms of what their children
are reading.”            This is DEFINITELY true… BUT…

     Putting a book on a school reading list implies the school and educators have reviewed and approve of its content for students
of that age and believe it to be of educational value for the children.

      Parents rely on their expertise. Parents ALWAYS have a choice in deciding what their children read or don’t read (whether it’s on a school reading list or not).  That isn’t what’s in question here… what’s in question is


Children DON’T know what’s best for them at 13-14-15 years of age. That’s why they have parents… and an elected school board…
to ensure they are receiving a good education that is appropriate for their current age.

With so many other cultural and literary choices, why do we have to stoop to this level of graphic sexual content as elective
reading choices for middle school students? Parents can always pick it up in the public library or local bookstore for their
child if they really want them to read it. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

“For now, board members approved the language in a revised letter that will go out to parents at the beginning of the
school year that describes the kinds of books available as a choice for independent reading. A signature is required by
parents if they want their child to have access to classroom libraries. If a parent chooses not to sign, their child can
still access books through the school library.”

What’s the best way to get a kid to read a book? Tell them their not allowed to read it because it’s too racy!

And, for now, if you opt your child out of those “kinds” of books for “independent reading”, no worries kids…
you “can still access” them “through the school library”

So much for parental choice!        

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