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How Far “Left” is Left Enough?

How far left do they want to go?

A student writes that the level of discourse at Amherst College is insufficient because the bulk of the students are liberal. Well, that makes sense, they probably agree most of the time.

The writer goes on to suggest that it’s important to have more radical alternatives to improve the level of discourse… not more conservative alternatives, more radical alternatives.

What’s wrong with conservative discourse? Debate is debate. But not at Amherst College. No. They want to shut down any conservative ideas in exchange for debates as to the degree of leftism. And it’s not just the student body. It extends to the professors as well who regularly discredit conservative thoughts and ideas. Conservatives on campus report that they are routinely ridiculed and disrespected. I guess, the first amendment does not apply at Amherst College.

By the way, what, exactly, is considered “left of liberal”? Communism? Marxism?

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Via The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/25/13

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