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Obamacare = Brosurance

If you’ve had boys, you know, they think they are invincible… usually right up until they have their first child. They also don’t think much of insurance. Who needs to waste money on that? They’re invincible, remember?!

Not to worry, Progress Now Colorado has a couple of ads designed to appeal to that demographic too!



Do you really think these ads are going to convince them to buy Obamacare? Calling it “Brosurance” was a good marketing move. But I doubt it’ll get them to write the check.

What’s “Brosurance” cost these days for a 20-something? Upwards of $100 per month depending on your exact age and home address. That’s alotta beer “Bro”! Besides… I’m invincible, remember?!

Where are we going as a society when the best way to hawk insurance is by telling our young people that they’ll have more drinking money? And suggesting that it is normal and acceptable to drink to a level of not remembering what you were doing?

I understand that shock value sells. But is this really the best we could do? And there’s not even a disclaimer in tiny print at the bottom warning that excessive drinking or binge drinking could lead to embarrassment, black outs, arrests, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, addiction, and even death. Hmmmm…

Wouldn’t it be better to show our young people what to aspire to? Maybe be responsible citizens who do the right thing? Is it really that far of a stretch?

And seriously, how much damage could there be falling off a keg (less than 3 feet tall) while you’re so inebriated that you don’t even know you’re up there? Get real, Bro!

Let me hear your thoughts on these ads…

Photo credit and more information about this ad campaign here.

via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/13/13

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Joe Messina

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