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The left is outraged that Megyn Kelly, a right-wing conservative nutjob who works at FOX, shows her ignorance by claiming that Santa Claus is white.

Sure, let’s skew history to make the “progressives” feel better. Unfortunately, you can’t change truth just because it makes you feel bad.

A young lady recently wrote a piece describing how Santa, being white, made her feel bad and alienated her from the other kids because she was black. Well, we can’t change the truth and no matter what, we will never make everyone feel good.

There are many stories about the origin of “Saint Nick.” He might have been a Turkish, Greek, or Nordic Bishop Nicholas, a Christian (a bunch of ACLU lawyers heads just exploded!) Bishop Nicholas later became Saint Nicholas because of the many miracles attributed to him.

The Bishop apparently paid the dowry of three young ladies from the same family to keep them from being sold into prostitution and slavery. He also saved three men from being put to death and was known for gift-giving in all forms. After he died on December 6th, sometime in the 300’s A.D., a tradition of gift-giving started in celebration of his life.

Kids would put their cleaned out shoes by their beds at night to see what Saint Nick had brought them that night. Saint Nick and the gift-giving went through many gyrations over the years, but the transformation from Saint Nick to Santa Claus, his large size, red suite and red cheeks didn’t happen until he came to America. The legend we know today and all that goes with it has been piled on by retailers over the years.

The reality is that the man who was Santa was white. And if he was actually from Turkey, he might have had olive colored skin.

A young child feels bad because she is black and Santa is white? Who taught her that white people can’t or don’t love blacks, Asians, brown skin, or whatever term you want to use? What a great way to keep racism alive in America. To coin a phrase from another well-known Joe, “what a bunch of malarkey!”

Yes, Virginia, Santa is most probably white. And guess what? He delivers presents to kids of all colors, sizes, shapes, and languages, in all countries and of all faiths. Yes, believe it or not, Christians aren’t the only ones who celebrate Christmas. Yes, Virginia, he loves all kids and all peoples. Progressives, get over yourselves and stop spreading division!

Now, as for Jesus Christ, that’s another issue. Jesus is not black, nor white. He probably had deep olive-colored skin. Jesus was a Jew and in His day the Jews in that area were not quite brown, not quite white. But, He was not black. And what does His skin color matter anyway?

When it comes to Christ, He came for all. Color doesn’t matter, size doesn’t matter, IQ doesn’t matter. He came to save all. He loves all. And what have we done to our children when the thing that bothers them the most is the skin color of a “role model” or “famous person?”

What’s next? The Easter Bunny? The Great Pumpkin? Can we please lighten up and help our kids understand that not everything that’s uncomfortable is bad? Pull the good from the situation and enjoy it.

Guess what Virginia? If you have to have a black-skinned role model, you have many to choose from! Ask your Mommy and Daddy to sit on the couch and show them to you. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington, and Colin Powel, to name a few.

Yes, Virginia, Santa is most likely white, and it’s ok because skin color is not what matters. The love, the sharing, and the joy that this Christmas season brings is what matters and that comes in all colors.

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