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See if you can follow this logic…

According to Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, reduced work hours because of Obamacare could be a good thing. Here’s why, just follow along:

–          Employers are cutting worker hours to adjust for Obamacare costs

–          Workers were working too much anyway, so the reduced hours is a good thing

–          AND, now they get healthcare too in addition to having to work less!

–          THAT’S GREAT!! Because Americans work too much anyway, according to Rep. Ellison.

Well, it’s great in Liberal-land. What Rep. Ellison seems to have missed is the fact that workers are now making less MONEY (because they’re working less hours) AND now have to pay for healthcare that they didn’t previously have to pay for (because it’s the law). Sure… that’s a big “plus,” unless of course you have to get a 2nd JOB to make up for those lost hours and healthcare costs.

Maybe this is why President Obama keeps saying that employers need to pay workers higher wages.

Liberal logic… it’s all the evil employers’ fault.

You can read more about it here.

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