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By now it’s old news that the conservative-leaning CEO for Mozilla, Brendon Eich, lost his job over a personal campaign-like contribution to CA’s Proposition 8 (defining marriage to be only between one man and one woman) effort. Though the fallout continues. Things like this have a ripple-effect.

Slate writer, Will Saletan comments on the issues and highlights the fact that the entire donor list (released illegally by the IRS) is available for all to see. Perusing the list, Will suggests:

If we’re serious about taking down corporate officers who supported Proposition 8, and boycotting employers who promote them, we’d better get cracking on the rest of the list. Otherwise, perhaps we should put down the pitchforks.

There’s some speculation as to whether the comment was completely sarcastic or not, but either way, some are taking it as a battle cry, and that’s frightening to those who support conservative causes. No one can afford to lose their job over their personal beliefs (or anything else for that matter).

Have the successes to define protected classes of minority individuals been so successful that the minority will now be able to silence the majority simply by crying “hate” and “discrimination”?

The Prop 8 effort was at least 6 years ago. Interviews with Eich’s former employer shows no evidence of discrimination of any kind, either before or after Prop 8.

So, to sum it up… it didn’t matter what kind of track record he had in his employment. The fact of the matter is, his employment was terminated because of something he believed in… something that had ZERO impact on his work performance or the performance of those working for him. It had ZERO impact on the quality of life of those working for him. In fact, no one knew of those personally held beliefs until the donor list was leaked to the press showing his name.

Who’s the hypocrite now?

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