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Artist Stoops to Disrespecting Jesus to Get Noticed

Yes, art falls under the First Amendment and free speech. It’s just a shame that “artists” feel the need to desecrate religious icons. There used to be a time when, even if you didn’t understand or agree with someone’s religious beliefs, you would at least show some respect for what another considered holy. I miss those times.

A student artist at Oxford Ohio’s Miami University recently crossed that line again with a depiction of the Greek university system crucifying an Obama-loving, pot-smoking, long-haired, bearded independent student. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who did not immediately notice the similarity to artistic renditions of Jesus on the cross.

The comic artist, Chris Curme, doesn’t see the resemblance, even with his handwritten caption, “Miami, Miami — why have you forsaken me?!” Who’s he trying to kid? Just admit it… yes, you were making an analogy to Jesus Christ.

No matter how distasteful some may find it to be, it is completely within his Constitutional rights. But that doesn’t mean Christians should sit silently by and allow holy figures to be ridiculed. Just like the Muslim outcry against comic depictions of Muhammad, Christians can voice their objections too. Objections are also covered by that First Amendment!

If you have to do something this disrespectful to get your art noticed, you must not be that good at art.

You can read more about this story here.

Photo credit The Miami Student, Chris Curme

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