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For those who believe that all religions pray ultimately acknowledge the same god (though maybe in a different way), they won’t see an issue with this story. But for some religions, like Christianity, this is a HUGE offense.

A Fort Collins, Colorado high school during their weekly Pledge of Allegiance, added a little cultural diversity. Diversity can be a good thing. But when a student recited the Pledge in Arabic and replaced the words “under God” with “under Allah”, some students and parents were not amused and raise a ruckus.

For Christians, there is only one true God and His name is not interchangeable with “Allah”. And for those of us who know our county’s history, we know that this country was founded on Christian principles, so the God mentioned in the Pledge, is that Christian God.

Yes, our nation protects freedom OF religion, so Muslims can worship Allah without fear of retribution. But that doesn’t mean our nation was founded under him. It wasn’t. It was founded under the God of the Bible. Words matter. Ask any lawyer.

You can read more about this story here.

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