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There is No Constitutional Right to “Not Be Offended”

Why is it always one parent or one person who dictates to the rest of us what is and is not ok? We are not supposed to be a nation ruled by the minority. We are setup to be a representative government nation. That should be trickling down to all aspects of life, including an elementary school performance.

Parent Elaine Bolman found it offensive that her daughter or her classmates would be asked to dress up like a stereotypical Native American caricature.

Just to be clear, this particular instance of ONE parent offended by an upcoming performance of the song “YMCA”. CANCELLED!

Then there was the ONE student offended by a “Phiesta” fundraising event to help people who couldn’t afford surgeries. CANCELLED!

Then there was the ONE person who complained about a scripture posted on an Air Force Academy cadets personal white board. REMOVED!

And the ONE teacher who shut down the student giving an oral Christmas report about her personal Christmas traditions because she dared to mention religion. SILENCED!

Why do we keep letting ONE person dictate the conversation and ultimately squelch the rights of many others? No one has the right to “not be offended.” You can’t find that anywhere in our Constitution.

In a country where free speech is a valued commodity, someone somewhere will most certainly be offended at some time by something someone else said!

It’s time “the others” voice their opinion and stop being cancelled, removed, and silenced. It only takes ONE to stop the conversation. How many does it take to restart it? It’s time we work together and find out…

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