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We’re Being Invaded… Literally!

Ready or not, the invasion is here. Latest reports from McAllen, TX near the southern-most tip, say they detained 1000 people in a single day last week! That’s ONE border patrol station.

The Rio Grande Valley sector (comprised of 9 stations) indicates that illegal crossings and arrests are up 65% from last year and rising. And only 7.5 months into their fiscal year, they have already detained 148,000 illegals, surpassing the number of aliens arrested the whole prior year. And this is just ONE of 9 sectors along our southwest border!

As of late, the Rio Grande Valley sector is reporting an average of 1100 arrests PER DAY! These are the people they are able to capture. They don’t have the manpower to capture them all, nor the space to detain and process them.

Have you heard about this problem recently in the news? No? Me neither. Why not? This is a serious issue that seriously impacts every sector of our economy.

Folks, our system is being overwhelmed by the number of illegal entries. President Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws was massive green light signalling the rest of the world, if they can get across the border, they can stay.

And with new laws and legislation pending to allow illegal aliens the rights to practice law, medicine, and other professional services, previously only granted to legal citizens and residents, what have they got to lose? Life sucks where they are. Why not take the greatest gamble of their lives to live our American dream? So they’re doing it, by the hundreds of thousands. And we’re letting them.

We have laws on our books for a reason. They’re intended to protect the citizens. Our government not enforcing existing immigration laws puts every American at risk.

This problem is serious. In the short term, we need more border patrol agents and detainment facilities. In the longer term, need expedited processing of immigrants (both legal and illegal) and border security.

Waiving the amnesty flag is just an invitation for an even bigger influx of illegals. What is our government thinking? Many postulate that it’s because nearly 80% of illegal aliens who become citizens register and vote as Democrats. I’d like to think our lawmakers are not so politically motivated and shallow thinking. But I wouldn’t place any bets on that.

You can read more about the border problems here and here (both are excellent, and shocking, reads).

Photo credit US Customs and Border Protection

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