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Leader of the Free World?

I have heard the term leader of the free world for years, but never stopped to think about what “the free world” really meant.

According to the dictionary:

1) – The Free World is a Cold War–era term for the non-communist countries of the world. The free world included countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Canada, West Germany, Australia, and countries belonging to organizations such as the European Community and NATO. In addition, the “Free World” occasionally includes the Commonwealth realms, Japan, Israel, and India.

2) – the part of the world where democracy and capitalism or moderate socialism rather than totalitarian or Communist political and economic systems prevail

President Obama is referred to as the “Leader of the free world.” To be fair, all American presidents since the Cold War-era have been referred to as the leader of the free world.

The reason they were given that title was because of the freedoms that Americans enjoyed and the support that the American government gave to nations that were free or wanted to be free but may not have had the “military or economic muscle” to make it happen.

The Obama Administration said the “world was pretty tranquil” at a recent press conference. Obama himself said there has never been a better time to be alive, with all the world peace, tranquility and economic activity. It’s a great time to be alive. Hmmm, really? On what universe?

The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Canada, West Germany, Australia and alike could not, in and of themselves, support or maintain peace worldwide for the advancement of freedom and democracy.

Communism and socialism simply take what they want and dictate to the people what they will get. Where would a lot of Europe be if it wasn’t for America and their commitment to freedom across the world? It would probably be known as “communist block Europe” They would be speaking either Russian or German.

The American president is known as the Leader of the Free world because they were willing to jump in to help maintain peace and freedom where and when needed. Americans are unique in their resolve to help people live a life of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. You could count on America and Americans.

This President has changed that meaning tremendously. I would imagine when other leaders in the free world hear Mr. Obama referred to as the “Leader of the Free World” they snicker!

America is quickly becoming the home of the overburdened and underemployed. With over 50% of Americans dependent upon some form of government aid and over 92 million Americans out of work, how free can we be?

The Administration is cutting salaries for our military and cutting back on military funding so our ability to shore up a government who may need help and get to people who need protection will become next to impossible.

However, I don’t know why I am so concerned. Even if we had the power, would we use it? Do you think Putin would be doing what he’s doing right now if Ronald Reagan was president? Do you think ISIS would have been able to get as far as they’ve gotten if Ronald Reagan was president? Do you think Hammas would be doing what they are doing if Ronald Reagan was president?

They are getting away with it because the Prime Ministers in those other “free world” nations are unable to help, militarily or economically!

The reason our president has been referred to as the leader of the free world is because the persons who previously sat in that office understood the role the president played in keeping communism and socialism at bay. That fear of the military and economic might of the U.S., along with its allies in the Free World, is what kept peace in a large part of this planet.

Mr. Obama is right on track to do what he has set out to do. Bring America down to the level and status of a third world country. He and Mr. Kerry don’t appreciate American exceptionalism. They don’t understand it.

Mr. Obama believes if he weakens America then other countries will want to be friends with us, will hate us less, and we can all have a campfire sing along moment. Yup, worked in Kuwait. Not. Worked in Crimea. Not. Worked in Ukraine. Oh, not their either!

Actually that line of thought has never worked. It has never lead to freedom, only more captivity and more oppression.

I do agree with my friends on the Left about one thing. The turmoil in the world is America’s fault. Yes it is. It is our fault because they can’t trust Mr. Obama. We won’t help them. We won’t come to their aid. We are not there for them and that actually leaves us weak and vulnerable.

Leader of the free world? I think not!

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