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Entitlement: Player sues school district for being cut from team

If you ever doubted that we have raised a generation of entitlement kids, this story ought to clear that up for you.

In Medina High School a player is suing the school district for being cut from the team. Gone are the days when you actually had to prove you could play and be a contributing team member. Now, if you can’t cut it, you can just bury the school in a lawsuit, sucking up more tax dollars, administration time, and energy.

The fact that this kid would actually file a lawsuit for being cut shows you exactly WHY he was cut. Being a successful, contributing member of a team isn’t just about your mad basketball (or whatever sport) skills. It’s also about being a team player. It’s about having the right attitude. It’s a whole package. Not just athletic skill.

Maybe he should look at the rest of his skillset. I suspect some of it needs a workout.

You can read the rest of the story here.


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