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Heil Putin! Our New Supreme Commander in Chief

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Yes, Heil Putin! Get used to it. Who’s going to stop him? Comrade Vlad came out this week and basically said Russia has nuclear weapons so we will do what we want, where we want, and your mouse of a president will do nothing. Remember that little slip last year when President Obama told then-President Medvedev to tell Vlad he will be more flexible after the election? He must have meant flexibility to back off supporting our allies and do nothing.

Supreme Leader Vladimir Putin shows the kind of resolve and strength America should be showing, with one minor difference, we would not be doing it for world domination but for world peace. The over-educated progressive Left doesn’t believe in the 21st century that countries still do this! Countries don’t go take over other countries by force. They don’t topple governments by force. But Vlad said early on, it wasn’t them, it was the “Rebels.” You know, the Russian-paid, Russian-trained, Russian transplants, that were, dare I say it, Russian soldiers AKA the “Rebels”. Why would he lie? They are a civilized country! Right?

Secretary Kerry was even stunned when he heard, as he was giving a speech overseas, that Russia was invading Crimea and said, “That just doesn’t happen in this century.” Was he channeling Bagdad Bob? Really? It was, and still is, happening Mr. Kerry. Are you willing to admit it?

At first I was thinking that our military had fallen down on the job or that our intelligence teams were so bad that they weren’t supplying this information, but given the recent day’s events where retired and active military Generals have said, we knew, we briefed, we have a plan but the White house refuses to act says volumes.

Why would the activist-and-cheat sitting in the White House acting as our leader not have known this? Does his cell phone not work on the golf course?

President Obama said this week that it’s not America’s problem! HUH? Germany wasn’t America’s problem either. Let that one sink in! As Hitler marched across Europe and we were being asked for help, also under a Democrat president, we were told we needed to stay out of it. We were sitting here full, dumb and happy, that is, until it crossed “over here” when they launched the greatest attack on American soil in history at that time. The Japanese pretty much wiped out our Pacific fleet. Thanks again to a few disobedient officers we had just enough ships left to stand up and fight. Yup, let’s stay out of it. That’s always worked well for us.

We need to pay no attention to the Russians, said Mr. Obama. Yet, Governor Romney and Governor Palin both said Russia is our biggest threat. They were right and you, Mr. Obama, were wrong, again!

Putin has made many threats to the Ukrainian people and then the rest of Europe. How is it that many European leaders, one of which cut their vacation short, see the threat? Some remember watching Hitler go through Europe virtually unchecked with almost no resistance. They saw many killed and slaughtered by the Germans because they had been amassing weapons and troops for years. Hmmm, kind of like the Russians!

An interview with a Russian soldier revealed that on a few occasions he had been part of a group that was given uniforms with no insignias on them and told to cross into Ukraine and attack the Russian guards on the border as a “training” exercise. But that wasn’t the case. What it looked like to us was Ukrainian soldiers attacking Russians. It made for good press for Putin because, to the rest of the world, it just looked like Russia was defending herself. And when Putin saw there would be no intervention from the United States, the Ukraine was his for the taking.

Our former allies. Remember Obama promised to fix relationships with our European allies. Well guess what? He’s made it worse. Now they are praying for another George Bush or Ronald Reagan type.

Guys like Putin only understand one thing. This would never happen under a Republican president. Carter, Clinton, and Obama all decimated our military. They saw us as a world bully. Guys like Reagan and Bush understood that we were the cornerstone of world peace.

We don’t have to go there and fire a shot. Just the understanding that if American troops got involved the battle was over and you would lose was enough. Peace was kept by strength and power and our allies knew they could rely on us.

The bullies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East knew they could only go so far, and they stayed where they belonged. For you America-haters, I am sure your head is about to explode at the thought of this. For you globalists who think that if we just shared our power, our wealth, and opened our borders all would be Utopian, I say, “Get a Grip!”

Not that I want it to happen, but I would not be surprised at all if we see some major catastrophe at our Southern border. But it won’t stop there! Watch for increased violence from “terrorists” across this land of ours.

Remember, Hitler in many ways told people what he was going to do. Did he come out and say, “I am going to kill all the Jews?” No. But he was going to restore German pride, the Aryan race. He destroyed all the non-German literature, artwork, and recordings. The rest of the world saw it but didn’t believe it was really happening. They ignored him and we lost over 6 million Jews.

Putin says, we have nukes we are going to do what we want. ISIL says we are coming for you and will raise our flag over the White House. And our President gets up and says, Let me make one thing clear!  “Ahhh, I got nothing.”

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