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Violence against women is no biggie… if they’re conservative

Is there a double-standard for violence against women? Is it more egregious against liberal women than conservatives? Or maybe it’s just certain conservative women?

Take a look at these two posts by Bristol Palin regarding a recent incident she and her family encountered and the resultant media coverage.

And remember… when it comes to violence against women, there is no liberal or conservative. It’s just wrong!

Bristol explains what happened here.

And see the media coverage here. Shockingly sad. CNN anchor, Carol Costello has since apologized for her jovial coverage of the serious and obviously frightening attack on Bristol. Conservatives are not caricatures for political fodder and abuse by the public. A real journalist would not have trivialized this incident. It should never happen to anyone, regardless of ideology. It’s good that Costello has made an apology. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. Let’s hope her journalistic integrity is back intact after this misstep.

Photo credit Bristol Palin Facebook

Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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