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The Darwin Award goes to Ed Schultz!

American Sniper is breaking box office records. Those who have seen the movie have great things to say about it. The realities of war and what these guys go through comes through loud and clear, except for a few Hollywood elitists.

The same groups of people who have no problem making movies glorifying hit men, prostitutes, mafia, and “shoot ‘em up, bang-bang” movies seem to have a big problem with American Sniper. It just shows you how full of themselves they really are.

But the guy that really takes the cake in showing the hatred some people have for America is Ed Schultz. Ed believes that if you don’t think like he does as to what American patriotism is, then basically, you’re a moron because he is the all-knowing, all-seeing all… well, he’s god. At least in his own mind!

Where are these cowards (guys like Michael Moore, Seth Rogan, and our buddy, Ed Schultz) when it comes to investigating what is truly taking place in the Middle East? Why aren’t they talking about the stories where, because of us, kids can play in streets again and businesses can actually operate safely and women can go to school again? Where were they when thousands of Christian kids were being slaughtered? When the Boko Haram crew took (and continues to take) kids from schools and sell them as slaves? We hear nothing from these cowards.

However, it’s easy for them to criticize our military. They won’t hunt you down and kill you for criticizing them!

Ed’s recent rant about how bad American Sniper was began with the tired, old, worn out “Bush lied people died” routine, even though we know that Bush acted on the same information that President Clinton had but didn’t act on because he was acting on someone else! Since then we have proof of WMD’s found a few years back, but mainstream media refused to cover it.

Ed accuses the media of depicting the Iraqi people in a negative way. That statement’s a little broad! Are they depicting Iraqi thugs and murderers in a negative way? Yes. The general Iraqi population? No!

He also says that Americans are hungry for a hero from the war in Iraq. Well, Ed’s only half right. America is hungry for a leader here at home and they don’t have to be a hero, but they do have to love America, love its people, and all that America stands for. Not someone who continually holds up our enemy as if we owe them so much or one who treats our allies as red-headed stepchildren (it’s an old saying, you get the point).

He claims the movie’s hero, Chris Kyle, is basically a cold-blooded killer, using many lines from his book taken totally out of context.  For instance, Ed reads: “Kyle’s only regret is that he didn’t kill more.” Yes, Kyle said that, and then went on to say that by killing more of the enemy he would have saved more of those people that were being beheaded and stoned to death by the savages. But Ed was offended that Kyle called them “savages” and “evil.”  Kyle was correct and, once again, you are wrong Ed. What would you have us call them? Misguided and angry? Maybe instead of sending soldiers over we can send a boatload of physiatrists over? Maybe they have mommy issues? Or daddy blew himself up by accident and little Abdulla never got to say goodbye?

Why do you speak about these cold-blooded, murderous thugs with compassion and use the feelings of our soldiers for toilet paper to wipe your “potty” mouth with? Do you really hate America that much or are you just afraid?

Ed has made all kinds of creative translations for the President’s actions, from why he went golfing right after an American journalist was beheaded to what he really means by spreading the wealth. But when Kyle says he likes killing and it was fun, he couldn’t even attempt to figure out the joy Kyle got from taking the life of a murderous thug. The joy knowing that he had just taken out someone who probably would have killed more innocent Americans and beheaded more people that didn’t believe like they did. Yes, taking out the savage enemy, Ed. I know you’re confused, but in the immortal words of Martha Stewart “that’s a good thing!”

Ed, you even stoop so low as to make blatant lies in your remarks. You said that Kyle dehumanizes the Iraqi’s because he seems to take joy in killing them, saying “Kyle takes joy in killing them because they weren’t Americans.” That’s a stretch even for you Ed.

Kyle never implies or says that Iraqi’s are bad and Americans are good. In interviews, he repeatedly states that not all Iraqi’s are bad and many are scared of retribution or simply afraid by what they have heard about Americans.

Additionally, Ed actually believes the movie encourages Islamophobia because they are killing Iraqi thugs and murderers who happen to be Islamic. Really?! Ed, you need to look up what a phobia is! If I use your terms, then I am Abortaphobic, Mafiaphobic, and cartelaphobic!

The comment that really sent me through the roof, and the one that wins Ed the Darwin Award is: “We (America) ruined a lot of lives!” Really?! The 3000+ people who died in the World Trade Center weren’t ruined? Their family’s hopes and dreams and the kids left parentless weren’t ruined? Who do you care about? Do you have a right and wrong compass? Does it have innocent American on it somewhere?

Ed, it’s actually people like you who have sent this country into the state it is. Think about it. Conservatives have always been the way we are. We stand for morality and freedom and the American dream to prosper by your own hard work. Your kind has risen up and with the help of the Obama’s and Holder’s you’ve been given powers and license that are ruining this country. One example is freedom of speech. We, conservatives, have never liked what guys like you have to say. But never tried to stifle you with internet, radio, TV, or media laws that would slow you down in anyway. But your tribe is all over it, introducing bills that would limit free speech on all of the above. You may think that makes us stupid. I think that makes us fair.

I suggest if you really dislike America the way you say you do in word and in deed, you might want to move to Russia. You and the bear fighter seem to have a lot in common.

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