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Bastardizing the American Flag to Make a Political Point is Not Cool!

This version of the American Flag was seen flying recently on a residence in Air Force base housing. Of course, the first thing that most individuals will say is it’s simply a matter of free speech. But here’s the thing… the reason we have free speech in the first place is the American Flag and what it represents. To alter it, alters it’s meaning. Oh, and, it’s illegal. Yes, illegal to use likenesses of the American Flag, even when your intent is to show patriotism. Take a look at the law. It’s not long. It’s so easy to read, even a 5th grader could understand it.

J.E. Dyer, retired Naval Intelligence officer commented at on the incident as follows:

Substituting a subversive “version” of the flag is showing disrespect to the flag and everything it stands for.  It’s showing disrespect to your fellow Americans, and certainly to your comrades in arms.  It’s saying, “America doesn’t matter.  My factional cause is what matters.”

I know for me, going through school, the sacredness of the American Flag was not significantly impressed upon me. Maybe it was taught and I simply didn’t absorb it. Or maybe it was omitted or glossed over. I’m not sure. We were taught how to respect The Flag through the Pledge of Allegiance and various events where The Flag was displayed. But I know I didn’t learn about The Flag “law” until I was much older. I wasn’t aware of how it needed to be cared for and handled or that wearing a shirt made of “flag” material was disrespectful.

Folks, it’s high time we teach our children these important concepts. Our military cannot be the only ones to revere and hold dear the meaning of our American Flag. As the law states:

“The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.”

It’s time we treat it with that level of respect. Bastardizing the American Flag to make a political point or more specifically in this case, to show your sexual preference, is simply unacceptable!

You can read more about this incident, including the reporting Airman’s observations and comments at Thanks to J.E. Dyer, retired Naval Intelligence officer for covering this important story.

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