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Pelosi – Schiff Violate the Logan Act in plain site!

It wasn’t that long ago that Obama deep state operatives, led by US Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, accused General Michael Flynn of violating the Logan Act for making calls to foreign dignitaries including the Russian ambassador after Donald Trump won the election in 2016.

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We now know that the Obama administration and deep state officials were spying on General Michael Flynn for at least a year prior to his private phone call with the Russian ambassador that they leaked to the liberal fake news media.

The Logan Act, enacted in January 30, 1799, is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

General Michael Flynn’s job as National Security Advisor was to contact foreign dignitaries including the Russian ambassador after the 2016 election.

Fast forward to today…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top Lieutenant Adam Schiff flew off to Jordan this weekend on their shadow diplomacy trip.

The Democrat leaders met with Jordanian leaders and others to undermine President Trump’s Syrian policy.

When Obama and Hillary Clinton tore apart the Middle East form Yemen to Egypt to Syria to Libya resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and millions of third world migrants flooding Europe and the US the Democrat Party leaders did nothing.

But this weekend they flew to Jordan to undermine President Trump.
Arrest these traitors!

Read the rest at: Logan Act

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