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Chet Hanks no longer an Atheist!

Actor and musician Chester Hanks, better known as Chet and the son of Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, described his conversion from atheism after being touched by the hand of God.

Hanks, who has starred in recurring roles on TV shows such as “Empire,” made an appearance on the “IMPAULSIVE Clips” podcast, where he opened up about a time in his teens that his famous parents sent him away to a wilderness camp because of his bad behavior.

The 30-year-old said it was during that time in his young life that he realized God was real. At age 17, Hanks spent 12 weeks at a camp in a remote area of Utah. Filled with rage and far removed from civilization, the then-professing “atheist” said it was a “day hike” that changed his life.

“I went off and sat on the edge of this cliff and was just looking out at the view,” he said in the interview (which also includes some vulgar language).

“As I was looking out at that view and I was looking at where I had been from an elevated perspective — because I’d been stuck in this desert for 12 weeks and it just looked ugly and boring, and there’s nothing to look at. But

now I’m looking at it from an elevated perspective of the top of this mountain.”

Hanks revealed that he was so overcome by the beauty surrounding him, looking out 360 degrees as far the eye could see, and there was not a “speck of humanity” for miles.

“So I’m looking around, and I’m so overcome by emotion. It felt like I was touched by the hand of God. It was at that moment God revealed Himself to me,” he testified. “All that anger, and that hate, and that resentment flipped. It inverted to just infinite hope, gratitude, peace, love.”

Read the rest at: Finding God

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