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Union guy would have hated Biden’s immigration plan

Unlike Alex Padilla, Xavier Becerra, Newsom, Pelosi and the Democrat Party, Cesar Chavez knew that illegal aliens would harm American Hispanic and take jobs from them.  He testified several times before Congress to oppose all illegal aliens in this nation.  So, I guess the Progressives will need to take his name from school buildings and statues need to be taken down.

“Chávez, although erroneously described as a civil rights leader, was a labor leader who struggled tirelessly for his Campesinos in the United Farm Workers Union.  His struggle was not for the civil rights of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, Chicanos, non-white people, or any other contemporary identity group.  His rallying cry was “la Causa” (the cause), not “la Raza” (the race), and that cause was securing higher wages and better working conditions for his union members.

Chávez’s most formidable obstacle was the inexhaustible supply of cheap, illegal labor flooding over the border.  He spoke out against it, calling the aliens “illegals” and “wetbacks.”

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Comic by A.F. Branco

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