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School board reverses decision to defund police – check out why

No wonder I never see crow in the meat department at the grocery store. Leftists eat so much of it, the stores can never keep it in stock.

In their latest meal of crow served cold, we learn that Defund the Police is but a fiction. Our story comes from the epicenter of Leftism: Berkeley, California.

The school board had been studying the possibility of removing the one uniformed, armed police officer (School Resource Officer, or SRO) from the two campuses he patrols. The anti-police sentiment birthed these actions which have been adopted by other urban schools.

Note that an SRO is not needed in most non-urban schools.

In an unusual move, the board established a committee to evaluate the matter. Parents, students, and school administrators comprised the study group. And their recently finished evaluation shocked the board.

The report recommended not only keeping the SRO on campus, but expanding his role and possibly adding another officer to help out with his duties.

As reported,

A committee made up of students, administrators, parents and other community members recommended Wednesday that the district expand the role of the SRO to include more mentorship responsibilities and consider adding additional hours to the role or a second SRO. Several committee members said they had not expected to expand the SRO’s responsibilities, but came to believe that the SRO has a positive impact at Berkeley schools.

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