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NYT blasts sleazy Democrats

On Thursday, New York Times opinion columnist David Brooks scolded Democrats backing far-right “crazies” in Republican primary elections, in a political strategy he warned could end in “catastrophe” for Democrats and the country.

Brooks referred to a report showing Democrats had spent tens of millions of dollars to back MAGA candidates over their moderate Republican counterparts.

“They are doing it because they think far-right Trumpist candidates will be easier to beat in the general elections than more moderate candidates,” he explained.

But Brooks blasted the Democratic strategy as reckless, sleazy and unpatriotic. Not to mention, it could ultimately end up backfiring on them, he advised.

“What the Democrats are doing is sleazy in the best of circumstances. If you love your country more than your party, you should want the best candidates to advance in either party. And in these circumstances, what they are doing is insane: The far-right candidates whom Democrats are supporting could easily wind up winning,” he worried.

After belittling Democrats as foolish, he feared their actions would result in a “full Republican takeover in 2025,” which would be a “disaster for our democracy.”

The columnist made the argument that Democrats didn’t have the upper hand when it came to the issues most pressing to voters. He cited a recent poll showing 83% of Americans were dissatisfied with where the country was headed, and the same amount of respondents had a highly negative view of the economy.

Brooks hit Democrats for underestimating the impact of inflation and arguably worsening it with their policies.

“Liberal economists underestimated the inflation threat, and Democratic fiscal policy, ignoring that threat, seems to have escalated it,” he noted, before citing “cancel culture” and rising crime as serious issues also leading voters to the Republican Party.

Story continues at: Sleazy Democrats


Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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